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Check Out the Benefits of Aloe Vera!

Check Out the Benefits of Aloe Vera! - Aloe is a plant known as a succulent and can be grown either indoors or outdoors. It has been touted as having the ability to heal because of its strong medicinal purposes. It can be used in various forms such as: added to juices, gels, and powders. It is commonly added to beauty products such as shampoos, lotions and cosmetics as well as common household products. Its strong anti-inflammatory properties make it a versatile effective component when used in any of these applications.

Check Out the Benefits of Aloe Vera!

For centuries, it has been used as a powerful home remedy. The freshest, most potent aloe can be directly extracted from the plant by breaking off a piece of one its leaves and squeezing out the yellowish liquid. The liquid that is extracted can be used topically directly on the skin.

If the leaves are crushed, they can be used as a salve. Eighteen amino acids exist in aloe vera giving it strong healing properties. One common usage for aloe is for skin that has been burned by the sun.

Aloe has been researched worldwide. Hundreds of research papers exist that tout its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral benefits. It is known to work with gastric enzymes necessary for digestion. This makes it a good tool for soothing digestive tract irritations. It is also said to be effective at healing ulcers. Aloe vera is also extremely nutritious. It is one of the only known vegetarian plant sources of vitamin B12.

The vital minerals it contains assist the body with the growth process and healthy function. There is current research being done examining its immune boosting potential to combat the HIV virus. Back in 1994, the FDA approved the use of aloe vera in its treatment.

Other research is currently studying its effectiveness against leukemia and diabetes. Taken in high doses, it has been shown to increase white blood cell count. This means that it may actually be shown to have benefit against other viruses and tumors.

Aloe is a nutrient rich source of magnesium, zinc, calcium, essential fatty acids and vitamins B12, A and E. It contains important amino acids and vitamin C. These are necessary compounds for building protein and promoting good blood circulation. As an overall body cleanser, aloe is helpful at purging toxins out of the liver, kidneys, stomach, spleen and bladder. It facilitates wastes out of the colon.

The benefits of aloe vera are vast with very few known side effects. Many of aloe vera's benefits are just coming to light.
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