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Benefits of Running - Top 3 Reasons Why You'll Start Running After You Read This

The lovers of running are most likely aware of theTop 3 benefits of running.

Running is an extreme sport - people have extreme feelings about it. Most people either love running or they hate it. Why is it that some people absolutely love running while others hate it like anything? The people who hate the sport may do so for different reasons - either they tried running and could not run, or they got injured while running or some other reason.

Benefits of Running

Most people who have given up running have tried to do too much too soon. The people who love the sport started slowly, stuck to it and proceeded systematically. If you take it slowly, then perhaps you too can also enjoy the top 10 benefits of running.


1. Lose weight

Running gives your body a complete cardiovascular workout. This is most effective in losing weight - particularly in the waist and hips area. In fact, after you start running, you will start to shed inches from these areas. Lot of people take up running just for the sake of losing weight and stay with it because of the other benefits they receive.

2. Relieve stress

Your body will get into its own rhythm while running and the fresh breeze of air flowing against your face will send you in a different state of mind. Running helps to relieve stress and is in fact suggested by some experts as a cure for depression.

While your body is concentrating on the run itself, your mind is in a relaxed state and looking for solutions. You will find that you get a lot of answers about your current issues while the mind is in a relaxed state. Serenity brings peace and relieves stress.

3. Connect with Nature

Running will take you to the most beautiful parts of the world and give your eyes a feast of the scenic beauty around. Even if you run outside once a week, you can pick a different route every week to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Just as the road seems different when you drive on the same road while coming and going, it will seem different when you are running. Running will connect you to the natural beauty around you, which you will not be able to identify while driving.

Picture yourself with less weight, less stress and connecting with nature. You will feel a sense of calmness, joy and exhilaration. These are just a few of the benefits that running can bring.
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