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Benefits of Running - Psychological 101

Benefits of Running - Psychological 101 - Actually the physiological benefits of running far out number the physical ones, I'll list several here in this article. Some are easier than others but, the end results are what's most important.

Benefits of Running - Psychological 101

Fight Addition: 
Running can help a person fight addiction to drugs and alcohol. Many therapists suggest exercise, such as running as a way to combat addiction but, other forms of exercise will work as well.

Positive Relationships: 
Runners who run with others help to create a bond within the group while enjoying a positive goal, a physical one as well as building a relationship as well.
Improved Memory: 
Running has been known to help your mind stay as sharp as your body. Running has been proven by researchers that it improves the ability to retain information longer; as well as problem solving tasks too.

Reach Goals: 
Finishing long runs helps you get use to sweet success! Lets say your training for a 5K or a marathon and each day long run day you add a little bit more distance. The feeling of accomplishment is great as you move closer to your goal.

Decrease Fatigue: 
Running can decrease fatigue and make you feel more energetic. Being tired is one of the reasons people choose to skip a run. This is not good, for running will actually have the opposite effect if you just give it a chance.

Mood Booster: 
Like anxiety, depression is a serious disorder that requires treatment. Running can help. Running decreases the feeling of depression and actually gives you a shot of mood boosting during and at the end of each run!

Runners High: 
Running releases endorphins in your brain, that makes you feel good. This can give you a feeling of internal happiness for several hours afterwards.

Stress Relief: 
Many people choose running as a way to relieve day-to-day stress. Instead of grabbing a cigarette as I did for years, just go of a run instead. Works every time!
Medication is often used for anxiety but, many people choose to exercise before resorting to Rx drugs. It's worth a try.

Obvious physical benefits of running come. A big boost in confidence comes if you've lost weight, clothes fit better, you have more energy and look younger too! Running can be started at any age to get those psychological benefits, as long as you check with your doctor first.