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Are Handsome Men More Attractive to Women?

Are Handsome Men More Attractive to Women? - If you browse dating sites regularly, you will find many "pick up artist gurus" that tell you that women don't care about men's appearance and physical appearance? They are not interested in handsome men but in their personalities. Do you believe that?

Are Handsome Men More Attractive to Women?

For me, the appearance is not too meaningful for women if you talk about long-term relationships that have been well established. However, when it comes to meeting women first, good looks and good physical impressions are certainly precious for that sparkling shared interest!

You see, during the first meeting between a man and a woman, both parties put the same amount of influence on each other's appearance. This is only natural.

I mean, if you're around a girl, your attention will definitely be on the hottest or most handsome girl there, right? So less attractive girls will usually be more than after thinking about you, right?

Believe it or not, the same applies to women and be warned, if you meet a girl for the first time, she will definitely care about your appearance. I mean, after all, the girl doesn't know anything about you or your personality because you just met. Naturally, it's said that the only thing that can impress you and make her want to know you more is your looks and looks, right?

This will mean that men and women use appearance as an initial way to evaluate each other and judge each other. What else can you do to measure each other? This cannot be disputed at this point in time during the first meeting. After all, this is an unconscious process that happens every time you meet someone new.

Okay, to be fair to others who say that girls aren't interested in good looks and impressions. Once girls know you better, they will be less influenced by your appearance and start paying attention to your personality and whether you have an X factor.

This is why most men with average appearances fail to go through the first stage of getting to know women well until the build no longer plays a dominant factor in women's interest.
So for most of us, the irony is that we cannot simply pass the "first impression" with women if we are not so handsome!

Hey, if you agree with me before, you will know that a girl judges you based on the way you see and then whoosh, most of the time she is not interested because she already has many men who look better to drool on her and she knows it especially if she is a beautiful girl. He only has too many cherries to choose from for guys. Simple law of supply and demand.

Look, if you queue at a grocery store and a beautiful girl is in front of you at the cash register, and you only have one minute to talk to her, how could you show her that you are an extraordinary man and you can be the best boyfriend in the world? He certainly won't give you any time or opportunity if he doesn't find you at least a little interesting or rather handsome, right?

On the other hand, men tend to continue to emphasise how a woman looks even after they know her well. Guys like hot chicken; it's that simple. Women are far more likely to date men who are not so handsome if he knows him well and loves his personality. But you can rarely find beautiful men dating women who aren't attractive unless they want something else from them.

The point is this, you don't have to have the appearance of a handsome movie star or be a gorgeous guy who is charming to have an initial attraction with women. Women are also realistic. You just need to look pretty handsome so that you can skip the first meeting for the chance to show your great personality. If you can skip that stage, he will stop caring how you look so much.

If you are an average Joe, don't worry, friends, everything isn't lost. I'm sure you've seen photos of the makeover, right? You have seen how those people can take care of themselves so well that their appearance really changes, right? Well, do what they do!

If you are overweight, lose weight and underweight, go to the gym and exercise. Change your clothes with more fashionable clothes and accessories. Visit a local aesthetic expert. You to clean stains or pigmentation on your face and so on. You can do many things to be handsome, handsome, and attractive to get past the first obstacle with women! Just do it!
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