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Acne Face Care - A Better Way to Get Rid of Acne

Acne Face Care- A Better Way to Get Rid of Acne - Acne occurs during life when teenagers are very concerned about their appearance. To avoid if acne can occur, facial acne treatment must be done immediately. If not, this condition might be the worst. Acne-prone skin or defective skin causes the skin of a young person to be sensitive and shy.

Acne Face Care - A Better Way to Get Rid of Acne

There may be 2 phases of facial treatment for acne that you will consider.

First, patients themselves must develop their health in general so that they become immune to all types of diseases. That includes how to treat your skin properly. It also includes the development of the patient's physical development. It should be noted that your facial skin must be cleaned twice a day. It is appropriate to use warm water and non-irritating soap. The use of cosmetics is NO, NO, if necessary. If you like applying it, make sure not to keep it on your face. Cosmetics must be removed. After cleaning, apply a moisturizer according to your skin type.

It's also important not to touch your face if your hands are dirty. Or it's better to avoid mechanical stress on the skin, like putting your chin in your hand. It is also recommended to get adequate rest and sleep at least 8 hours every night.

Practice and eat balanced and healthy foods. Avoid snacks between meals including sweetened drinks. Also avoid eating chocolate with pea and cola drinks. Don't stab too if you have zits or pimples because it can worsen the condition and possibly add harmful germs.

The second phase is part of the experts. A dermatologist must evaluate each case or condition for acne. The condition of acne also varies as to what recommended facial care should be given. This condition can be from mild to moderate or from moderate to severe.

Experts may recommend topical facial treatments or drugs that are suitable for the type of skin affected by acne. In the case of topical treatment, most dermatologists will ask patients affected by acne to take the necessary oral pills.

This may include taking topical, anti-androgen retinoids, and topical antibiotics or maybe birth control pills. Skin experts will also be advised to try moisturizing applications, creams, lotions or gels according to their skin type. Oily skin types do not strongly recommend using moisturizers. Better moisturizers, creams, lotions or gels have at least 2.5% content of benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. This helps to penetrate oxygen to the pores of the skin or follicles to prevent clogging.

Others, dermatologists even introduce several effective acne treatments. This includes the application of chemical peels, applying an acid mask to the face and after peeling new skin appears; dermabrasion, a simple surgical procedure that helps remove skin stains or imperfections as acne scars by rubbing or eroding the surface layer of the cell; and Photodynamic Therapy or PDT, the use of mild drugs and chemical solutions to remove bacteria responsible for painful lesions. One common PDT is Blue Light Therapy.

Here are some common treatments like acne facial treatments that help eliminate one of the most devastating skin problems, zits. With this information, this acne facial treatment will help your skin look fresh, flawless and free of pimples anymore.
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