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9 Life-saving Health Benefits of Coconut: Super Heaven Food

9 Life-saving Health Benefits of Coconut: Super Heaven Food - Are you tired of forcing yourself to drink liters and liters of water a day just to stay hydrated and healthy? Now, what if I tell you that coconut is a natural superfood filter that is filled with the most electrolytes than any other source found in nature. This means that one young coconut water equals 250 ml of water and the best Mother Nature hydrator has ever been provided. I used to fill water bottles every day and if I had a good day, I would only spend one.

Coconut Benefits

Then on vacation in Thailand, I found that I felt excited all day while sipping young coconut water. So I began to examine the benefits of young coconut water and how to hydrate you so that I made coconut water a part of my daily lifestyle! This magical drink from young coconut can even cure your hangover! Instead of drinking one glass of water with each glass of wine, you can also drink coconut water. Now you can wake up free and fresh hangovers.

But, there's more! What if I tell you that coconut is what you need to survive? Coconut provides a high value of nutritious juices, milk, oil and meat that have fed and nurtured thousands of populations throughout the world.

This highly nutritious superfood is still a staple food for most people who live on the island. Try my best coconut recipe for you to enjoy every day at any time! They are tasty, healthy and free of guilt. Let me take you on a journey of discovery while you benefit from this super heavenly meal.

Coconut water and coconut oil have their own benefits:

Benefits of Young Coconut Water:

  •  Very good for rehydration.
  •  This has a cooling effect on your body.
  •  Helps soothe and prevent skin eruptions and rashes, if applied to the skin.
  •  An incredible source of nutrition for babies.
  •  Promotes muscle and physical growth in children.
  •  Prevent and relieve cholera through the presence of organic sodium and albumin in coconut water.
  •  Eliminate the pain of kidney stones by fighting Nano-bacteria and the growth of bad calcium in your kidneys.
  •  Used as a substitute for blood plasma because it is sterile and accepted by the body.

Benefits of Coconut Oil:

  •  Improve your digestive system and absorb amino acids and fat-soluble vitamins.
  •  Protect your immune system by fighting viruses, bacteria and fungal overgrowth.
  •  Improve blood sugar levels and reduce symptoms of hypoglycemia.
  •  Helps your body absorb more magnesium and calcium.
  •  Consists of 90% and more raw saturated fat, which is an important building block of every cell in your body.
  •  Contains the most lauric acid from any plant source.
  •  Helps balance and support healthy hormone function.
  •  Improve thyroid function, which will help your body release excess weight and toxins.
  •  Increase your metabolism, which will help you lose weight and feel more energized.
  •  Supports your cardiovascular system and does not contain cholesterol.

The benefits mentioned above are not the only benefits coconut has. Many more!

9 Health Benefits of All Coconuts on Your Body:

Keeping Your Heart Healthy: This extraordinary superfood gives your body moderate fatty acids (MCFA) which are very important for good overall health. This means that MCFA in these super-strong foods does not have a negative effect on your cholesterol levels and reduces the possibility of atherosclerosis, which causes your artery walls to thicken and cause heart disease. These super foods containing nutrients will prevent you from all these heart diseases and will help your heart beat healthily!

Improve Your Digestive System: Coconut consists of 61% dietary fiber, which has shown tremendous benefits from eating this extraordinary superfood. This will reduce constipation, stomach cramps, irritable bowel syndrome and fullness. These super foods also cannot be digested, which means there are no calories taken from them. This means that the roughness of coconut meat cleanses your large intestine and is released. So, don't think that it will actually block your intestines or not be useful if not digested.

Balance Your Blood Sugar Levels: Coconut has a low glycemic index (GI), which means that it slows the release of glucose in your blood and requires less insulin to balance your glucose levels and turn them into energy. These low GI super foods help your body to relieve stress on the pancreas and the structure of enzymes in your body. This will prevent the most popular disease in the world known as diabetes. A low GI content will also make you feel fuller for longer, because it releases slow energy that keeps you going throughout the day. This will prevent you from craving sugar during the day!

Lower Your Cholesterol: High cholesterol levels and heart disease increase every day and more people realize it. People move to the most natural ways of eating to deal with their illness. This super palm tree food is the best approach, because it doesn't contain cholesterol! Actually, this helps balance your cholesterol levels. It contains a lot of saturated fat which increases HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) and lowers LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol).  

Improve the Function of Your Thyroid: Consuming these super-dense foods will increase and restore your thyroid function and increase your metabolic rate. This will cause weight loss and prevent symptoms of a malfunctioning thyroid. If you have undergone thyroid treatment, first make an appointment with your doctor if you are undergoing a coconut healing element program. Thyroid drugs play a big role in your metabolic function. So be careful and see your doctor.  

Enhancing the Anti-Aging Component: Even though aging is a natural process and cannot be stopped, you can slow down your aging speed with coconut oil. Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer, which contains essential emollients. This prevents your skin from drying out and reduces wrinkles and prevents it from an early age. This great superfood is filled with antioxidants that fight free radicals that cause wrinkles and premature aging. Coconut oil also removes dead cells in the outer layer of the skin and helps maintain the elasticity of your skin.

Increase Sperm Count: Young cocnut meat is the best builder of fluids than other superfoods. It usually takes 35 days to process food starting from chewing it, into your bloodstream, your bones and your lymphatic fluid until it reaches the final stage, your reproductive fluid. Now, what if I say that eating young coconut meat will take you there in one day? Yes! It is true!

Providing healthy fertility: This super food is not called the "Tree of Life" just for fun. Young coconut meat improves the quality of your milk to ensure that your child is healthy. Young coconut meat also turns into breast milk immediately when you are pregnant. Coconut products such as coconut oil, cream, water and much more can be used before, during and after pregnancy. 

Giving the Best Saturated Fat: From David Wolfe "The best saturated fat comes from the soft white flesh of the inner young coconut (available in the Asian market in North America.) Because coconut fat is more stable, I have found benefits in drinking coconut water and allowing chaff at temperature room for 2 or 3 days before opening it and scoop out the white meat. Leaving coconut make enzymes of fat-related, lipase, begins to break down a fresh coconut. After several days of decomposition of enzymatic, coconut meat generally contain more "energy" and more easily digested.  

"ProductsThe Coconut You Must Buy:

Now that you know all the amazing benefits of this life-changing superfood, you need to know what types of products are available and which ones you should buy and pay attention to. So, let me explain to you:

Coconut Chocolate: Before choosing this brown-haired coconut, look at the three holes on one side first, then make sure it's not included in the mold. If yes, choose another that is clean and free of mold.

Young Coconut Water: Always use cardboard containers rather than aluminum containers, because aluminum is very toxic and is thought to cause Alzheimer's disease.  

Coconut Oil: Choose coconut oil in a yellow glass, because plastic containers can be extracted into coconut oil because of the oil solvent properties. 

Coconut Cream / Butter: Whether the product is made from ground stone, coconut chips or copra conched, it will still contain coconut fiber. Coconut cream must be thick and have a creamy type of cheese. It has far fewer calories than other peanut butter.  

 Coconut Flakes: Copra must be shredded.  

 Coconut Powder: Must be organic.  

How You Should Use Coconut Products:

So, now you have product knowledge and knowledge of all the benefits of coconut. Now let me show you how to use the products mentioned above.

1. How to Open a Coconut and Use It:

 You can use a meat knife or machete to open a young coconut and cut it.
 Keep your finger off the cutting knife otherwise you can hurt yourself.
 To drink young coconut water, cut only 1/4 of the open coconut.
 Now that the coconut is open, you can insert a straw and enjoy the taste!

2. How to get white meat:

 After enjoying fresh coconut water, cut the coconut in half.
 Use a spoon and spoon the young and fresh meat.

3. White Meat Can:

 Added to coconut water and blended, which will turn into coconut milk.
 Dry or dehydrated with various types of herbs and spices and prepared like "jerky".

4. Coconut Cream:

 Adults can use 2-4 tablespoons of coconut cream every day.
 Can be taken like that or mixed in your favorite tea, smoothie or elixir.
 It can also be mixed with other superfoods for tasty snacks.
 Can be used in raw chocolate and dessert in any form.

5. Coconut Oil:

 Can be eaten as is, mixed in delicious salads or added to all types of smoothies.
 The daily dose can be from 1-4 tablespoons every day.
 Can also be used on the skin for healthy and nutritious skin cells.

6. Coconut Water:

 Can be consumed as is.
 Combine with other super foods such as spirulina or hemp protein powder to ensure long-lasting energy.
 Combine any type of smoothie or shake you want.

7. Coconut Fat:

 Heat the dried coconut flakes in hot water to extract coconut oil and the aroma.
 Cool until coconut fat rises to the top.
 Separate this fat from water.
 Coconut fat is usually used for cosmetic products.

8. Cooking with Coconut Oil:

 This is the most stable oil to be cooked with high temperatures.
 When cooking with coconut oil, there is no other oil that must be used in the same dish.
 This is really saturated fat, which means it doesn't form polymerized oil (dangerous trans-fatty acids).
 You can even use coconut oil as if it were olive oil.

9. Use of Coconut for Your Teeth:

 Apply 1 teaspoon of coconut oil to your child's gums and teeth to kill germs and balance oral pH.
 Also apply 1 teaspoon of coconut oil to your teeth for protection after brushing your teeth.
 It also helps ensure a healthy biofilm in your mouth.

How to Store Coconut Oil and Coconut Cream:

Coconut oil: Must be stored in a closed glass container in a dry storage cabinet at room temperature.
Coconut Cream: Preferably cooled, because it contains less antimicrobials. This will also ensure the cooling effect and freshness.

This amazing super food can almost be used for everyone at any time! This is why they call it fruit heaven! Now you can try new coconut recipes that are delicious and fun, which you can enjoy with friends and family!
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