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6 Benefits of Reading Fantasy Stories

6 Benefits of Reading Fantasy Stories - Fantasy stories are short stories that describe fantasy creatures as you read in fairy tales. You will find various types of mythical creatures such as fairies, goblins, giants, and dragons. 

Benefits of Reading

Arrangement may occur on earth but in a place imagined by the author. There are many popular fantasy stories that have become stories of favorite children such as Cinderella, Rumpelstiltskin, Rapunzel, Pinocchio and Beauty and the Beast. The following are six benefits of reading fantasy stories.

1. Helping Children Explore the Real World
Reading fantasy stories allows children to explore the increasingly dangerous real world as they grow older. Children read about monsters and dragons in fairy tales when they were young. 

When they grow up, they must read stories related to things in adult life such as disappointment, failure, betrayal, war, falling in love and others. This can help small children prepare to face the harsh reality of reality. world.

2. Train Your Right Brain
Spending time reading stories can train the right side of your brain. This allows you to take your own imagination as you read each scene in the story. 

In your imagination, you can turn yourself into different things like a warrior, athlete and others. It can arouse determination and enthusiasm as you study your wild imagination.

Reading fantasy stories is very important to stimulate your imagination, especially when we live in a culture where rationalism is emphasized. You will learn how to set goals that will be achieved when you begin to have a vision for your future. 

By having a vision of your future, you will know what steps you can take to be successful. A good imagination can also help you have good problem solving skills so you can think fast and know what to do when in a terrible situation.

3. Children Can Learn About Moral Values
Reading stories in fantasy genres allows children to learn about different moral values. Tales bring children through a series of events that lead to moral conclusions - those that are well rewarded and bad people receive appropriate punishment. 

Good fairies are always kind to their enemies, even when they are persecuted. Evil fairies who have bad intentions always disguise themselves as good people. In the end, a good fairy will win and a bad fairy will be punished.

4. Helps you reduce stress
When you experience a lot of stress, you must rest and take a few minutes to read fantasy stories. This can calm your mind and slowly relieve stress that oppresses your body due to long working hours. 

During reading, you can train your imagination in various scenes that occur in your mind. In fact, doctors advise patients with mental problems to read stories in the genre because it can help them overcome the depression and anxiety they face.

5. Laughing for you
Reading stories can be entertaining and can give you a chance to laugh out loud. Laughing occasionally is good for your health. This can make you excited when you are in a low mood. 

If you live in a boring environment without anything that makes you laugh, you will find that fantasy stories are a valuable tool for you to laugh and enjoy happiness.

6. Increase Writing Skills
Another benefit is being able to practice your writing skills. You can learn what is a good sentence and how to write it yourself. 

You will also learn how to make paragraphs correctly in your writing and how to ensure that each paragraph is interrelated. As you read more and more fantasy stories, you will see an increase in your writing skills and can write good essays.

In conclusion, you must get used to reading fantasy stories because there are many benefits that you can take from them. By spending a few minutes reading it every day, it will slowly help you develop good reading habits.

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