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5 Effective Smooth Skin Remedies For Velvety, Even Skin

5 EffectiveSmooth Skin Remedies For Velvety, Even Skin - Do you want some simple but effective smooth skin remedies for healthy, velvety skin? Don't let wrinkles, rough or dry skin get you down,

Smooth Skin

Start to improve your skin today with one of these smooth skin remedies.

1. Intensive Treatment
An intensive treatment can be like a kick start for your skin and quickly make it feel smooth and deeply moisturized.

It is done by applying a healing and smoothing substance on your skin, for example Aloe Vera, Active Manuka honey or avocado oil. You can leave it over night or just part of day, but let it absorb deeply before you wash your skin.

2. Hydrate It
You might not need any other smooth skin remedies than this simple one. As hydration is essential for smooth and firm skin and is achieved best by drinking enough water every day, but the necessary amount is of course individual.

If you are thirsty you are already dehydrated, so just make sure you drink water throughout the day and don't walk around thirsty.

3. Minerals and Healthy Fats
Minerals are vital for the skin, and help it maintain the optimal moisture balance which makes it smooth and healthy. Essential fatty acids found in fats are necessary for skin health.

Both minerals and healthy fats are delivered foremost to the skin through your diet, but also through the use of deeply nourishing active skin cream with ingredients like algae-extract and grapeseed oil.

4. Exfoliate Naturally
Exfoliating is done by getting rid of the most outer layer of skin, and reveals a smoother complexion underneath. It is good for the skin to do it from time to time, but with natural means and no harsh chemicals.

You can exfoliate naturally with for example a natural body scrub gel, with a special brush, or another kind of natural exfoliating product.

5. Active Skin Cream
The regular use of an effective skin cream is important and really one of the best smooth skin remedies. It should be completely natural though, as many chemical ingredients can be harmful if used regularly. Fortunately some of the most effective creams are natural.

Look for a skin cream with at least 50% active ingredients like repairing protein, vitamins, coenzyme Q10, antioxidants, and special smoothing plant extracts.
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