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3 Simple Benefits of Fish Oil For Healthy Living and Disease Prevention

3 Simple Benefits ofFish Oil For Healthy Living and Disease Prevention - There are benefits of fish oil to the brain, joints, skin, immune system, eyes and  digestive system. This article touches briefly on those, but focuses primarily on  the benefit to the heart. Numerous studies have been conducted over the years. Each  one provides a little more information. Here's what researchers have seen.

Fish Oil pill

Blood  Pressure Reduction

Exactly how or why fish oil benefits blood pressure is unknown.  But, several studies have shown that increased intake of omega3 fatty acids, which  are abundant in the oils of fatty fish, has a positive effect on hypertension.

For  many years, the benefits of fish oil have been ascribed to the omega3 fatty acids  DHA and EPA. But, recent research indicates that it is not just the omega3s that  provide the benefits seen in older people that commonly eat fish and their oils. One  thing that researchers have looked at recently is the increased blood levels of the  antioxidant selenium in people that eat a great deal of fish.

The natural  triglycerides would contain selenium, but the distilled esters would not. The  antioxidant would be destroyed by the heat.

Triglyceride Reduction

How fish oil  benefits blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels is better understood. Omega3s are  good fats. They are of a higher density that floats through the bloodstream and  picks up very low density particles of cholesterol.

The low density particles "sink".  They become oxidized by free radical molecules and build up inside the arterial  walls. So, the fish oil benefits include a reduced risk of hardening of the  arteries, the most common form of age-related heart disease. Several studies  indicate that DHA has a greater triglyceride reduction capacity than EPA.

 Anticoagulant Activity

Many of the benefits of fish oil are ascribed to its  anticoagulant activity. Clots in the blood are prevented by anticoagulants and dilute them. This reduces the risk of both heart attack and stroke. The fish oil benefits  have not always been obvious in clinical studies, but most researchers agree that  increasing your omega3 intake may help reduce your risk of heart disease.

Other  Possible Benefits of Fish Oil Supplements

Nutrients that have antioxidant and anti- inflammatory activity have been shown to reduce the risk of several forms of cancer.  Omega3 fatty acids and the natural triglycerides from fatty fish have anti- inflammatory and antioxidant activity.

Benefit has been seen in inflammatory  conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn's. But, basically, all of the cells  of the body would be benefited, because inflammation and oxidation are two of the  causes of cellular aging.

Research has shown that fish oil benefits the brain, may  relieve depression and improve conditions like ADHD. Studies in Canada are currently  ongoing concerning the protective benefits for the brain. Hopefully, this supplement  will reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease and age-related dementia.

There is a wide  range of quality among the supplements on the market. It is worth your while to do a  little research about the manufacturer, before you buy. In order to safely get the  benefits of fish oil, you need to shop for freshness and purity, as well as a high  percentage of omega3 fatty acids.
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