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3 Of the Top Benefits of Jogging To Lose Weight

3 Of the Top Benefits of Jogging To Lose Weight - Today, one of the most popular past times is jogging to lose weight. After all, it's fun and entertaining. It also has the health benefits of getting in shape and making you feel better.

3 Of the Top Benefits of Jogging To Lose Weight

This may be a better alternative than fad diets. Beginning runners can start out walking and then increase speed at their own pace.

In fact, three of the top benefits of Jogging to lose weight are :

1) Increased overall fitness and mental health.

2) Longer weight loss retention.

3) Overall body toning and muscle retention.

Many have found that weight loss is hard without exercise. Not only do they not lose much weight, but find it hard to keep the weight off.

For example, many people go on starvation diets that definitely will make them lose. But the body is smart and instead of losing fat, the body goes into anti-starvation mode and loses muscle and stores the fat for energy.

Some people resort to fad diets, that for some actually work for the short term but without exercise, they find that when they go off of the diet, they gain the weight back and sometimes gain additional weight to boot.

Many people find that walking is also a good alternative, since running can be hard on their joints, especially if they are very overweight.

Jogging to lose weight can be a great way to enhance any weight loss program. It is cheap to do and a safer alternative to the lose weight fast diet. The long term affect will most likely be longer sustainable weight loss and a better body and overall fitness.
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