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Various Benefits of Bananas for Beauty

This is not a known fact, but bananas bring many benefits to your health. Of course, eating bananas is very useful, especially when you consume it as food. But if you try to apply it to your skin and hair then it will help you to get rid of a large number of skin problems that might occur.

Banana For Beauty

How are bananas beneficial for your beauty?
You should know the fact that bananas are very good ingredients that are often used in hair and skin care because of their effective moisturizing qualities. Bananas contain lots of vitamins and minerals and help maintain the health of your hair and skin. This is a natural source of potassium and oil which therefore has soothing qualities. Bananas are great for treatments in the beauty field, because they contain amino acids called tryptophan.

How do you apply bananas?
If you need an immediate moisturizer, you must destroy the mature banana and apply it to your skin and leave it for fifteen minutes. Your skin will be very moisturized.

If you mash the banana until it's soft and apply it to your skin for twenty minutes, then wash with warm water and then cool. This procedure will help you avoid the appearance of wrinkles. But you have to do it regularly.

If your feet are dry, you can apply it with a banana for ten minutes and then wash it with warm water. You will feel much better, that's for sure.
The secret application of bananas on the skin.
Rub based on sugar. Crushed bananas must be mixed with sugar. Then you have to apply it to your skin and rub it. While sugar secretes dead cells from the top layer of the skin, bananas help moisturize your skin. Especially suitable for people with dry skin.

Scrub based on strawberry. Strawberries and bananas must be cut into small pieces and mixed until the mass becomes smooth. Then you add two tablespoons of olive oil and three spoons of sugar. After that, this mass must be applied as a scrub. This is very soft and must be used once a week to get rid of dead cells.

Facial mask with lemon. In case if your skin is oily then you have to add two spoons of lemon juice and one spoonful of milk to the bow with the banana being crushed. It must be applied for twenty minutes on the face and then washed with warm water.

Facial mask with honey. If you have normal or dry skin, this mask is for you. You should add one tablespoon of honey to the mashed banana and apply this to your face for fifteen minutes. This mixture of ingredients moisturizes your skin perfectly.

Facial mask with sandalwood tree essence. Sandalwood, honey and banana powder must be mixed in the same amount. After this mask your skin will glow and look younger.

The quality of secret bananas for hair care
Hair and scalp require constant attention like your skin. Bananas make your hair shine and also become controlled. Dry skin and dandruff can be cured with the application of bananas regularly. This helps heal damaged hair. There are several homemade recipes that will help you avoid this problem.
Hair conditioner made from avocado. Try adding coconut milk to crushed bananas and avocados. Then apply it to your hair for twenty minutes and as a result you will receive moistened hair.

Yogurt mask as a treatment for hair loss. Mix bananas and yogurt and apply this to your skin. Let stand for one hour, then wash with cold water and shampoo. This mask is believed to reduce hair loss.

Honey mask. If you want to increase the moisturizing effect, then you have to mix three spoons of honey with crushed bananas and leave this mask on your skin for half an hour and then shampoo.