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Tumeric : 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Tumeric

10Amazing Health Benefits of TumericTurmeric is one of nature's most powerful healing herbs. Its health benefits date back more than 5,000 years, when it was used in the Orient as a remedy for a whole range of diseases and conditions.

Tumeric : 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Tumeric

Today, scientific research is increasingly recognizing the healing properties of turmeric for treating modern disease.

It contains a powerful active chemical compound called curcumin. In numerous studies, curcumin's anti-inflammatory effects were comparable to both prescription and over-the-counter potent anti-inflammatory drugs.
Recent research suggests that curcumin may provide an inexpensive and effective treatment for a host of diseases and conditions.

Here are 10 Amazing health benefits of Tumeric :

1. It has successfully been used as a remedy for inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, osteo-arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory without side effects but has a very effective effect.

For literally thousands of years, it has been the standard anti-inflammatory in Indian and Chinese systems of medicine.

2. Clinical studies have shown it has potent anti-oxidant properties, helping to neutralize free radicals. Free radicals are unstable oxygen molecules in the body, which cause tissue damage through oxidation.

3. It helps to prevent the formation of cancer-causing enzymes, reducing the risk of cancerous cell-formation and cell growth. It also prevents cancerous tumors from growing new blood vessels, in effect starving them of nutrients and inhibiting their growth.

4. It has significant liver-protective effects. It causes the liver to secrete bile, helping to minimize damage from heavy metals, radiation, nicotine and other chemicals.

It helps prevent damage resulting from prolonged use of alcohol and drugs, which tax the liver and may cause liver disease.

5. Studies have shown turmeric to be an enormous aid in treating the conditions of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) such as Crohn's and ulcerative colitis.

6. Turmeric can prevent melanoma and cause cells that cause melanoma to commit suicide.

7. In several studies, patients treated with curcumin showed less plaque buildup in the arteries, leading to better cardiac function by causing a reduction in bad cholesterol that can lead to blockage of the arteries.

8. It is a natural painkiller and cox-2 inhibitor.

9. It aids in fat metabolism and helps in weight management.

10. It speeds up wound healing and assists in remodeling of damaged skin.
Turmeric is also used in the prevention and treatment of several other diseases and conditions, including: Cold, flu and allergies, cystic fibrosis, high cholesterol, peptic ulcers, Alzheimer's disease, diarrhea, gum disease, and weight management.

This wonderful herb has been helping people stay healthy, pain free, disease free, and strong for thousands of years. Science cannot improve on it. Adding a small amount of turmeric to your food every day can help to change your life for the better.

Taking turmeric as a supplement if you have the above mentioned conditions can bring about much needed relief with few side effects and a very lost cost.

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