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TOP 4 Health Benefits of Saunas

TOP 4 Health Benefits of Saunas - Saunas are a common part of most gyms and spas today. With their continuously-growing popularity, saunas are also starting to become a part of most homes in the form of portable and barrel sauna.

TOP 4 Health Benefits of Saunas

While no one can deny their popularity, many still question the validity of their health benefits.

Currently, there are several phenomena that occur inside and outside the body during a sauna session that may contribute to improving one's health and overall lifestyle. 
Let us discuss them one by one :

Increased Heart Rate

As your body feels the temperature increasing, your heart rate likewise increases. Heart rates are recorded to increase between 50-75% in a 10-15-minute session, which gives the heart a good workout and, at the same time, helps improve blood circulation in the arms and legs.

Aside from that, the heat causes the blood vessels near the skin to dilate, allowing blood and nutrients to flow better. This generally results to refreshed, glowing skin.

Induced Sweating

No one who enters a sauna gets out without sweating buckets. Although the sweating might look and feel excessive, it actually helps detoxify our bodies. As we already know, our sweat is not only about flushing out excess water but also possibly harmful elements.

Through deep sweating in a sauna, chemicals such as lead, mercury, and zinc will be reduced to such a level that is healthy to our bodies, in a sense.

The rush of liquid, which generally includes some minerals needed to maintain the collagen structure of the skin, is also useful for fighting sags and wrinkles on the skin.

Burned Calories and Fats

The heat produced by saunas helps in burning excess calories and fats in our bodies. This is the reason why taking regular sessions are touted as a way to gain a desirable, toned figure. Since the heat massages loose fats all over the body, it is also commonly used to fight and reduce cellulite.

Stress and Pain Relief

At the end of the day, saunas are best used to relieve built-up stress brought by issues in the workplace or at home. As the body takes in the heat, the brain releases more endorphin-neurotransmitters that relieve pain and produce a "feel-good" sensation.

With the endorphin release, muscle and joint pain acquired from overworking or conditions such as arthritis will be reduced or even completely eliminated.
This will make you feel younger once the session ends and will induce a deeper and, therefore, more peaceful sleep.

Without a doubt, saunas do have healing properties. However, similar to anything taken or done to improve our health, it is essential to take it in moderation.

If you are new to saunas, it will also beneficial to start with a relatively low temperature. Otherwise, your body might not be able to adjust to the rapid change and produce adverse effects to your health.

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