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Causes Of Dry Facial Skin And How To Treat And Alleviate Dryness And Make Your Face Look Radiant

Causes Of Dry Facial Skin And How To Treat And Alleviate Dryness And Make Your Face Look Radiant - Dry facial skin is can be uncomfortable, irritating and unattractive; there are several factors that can cause this skin problem. However, you can alleviate the problem by using the right skincare products and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Causes Of Dry Facial Skin And How To Treat


One of the reasons you have dry facial skin is nature ; some people naturally have dry skin-type, while others have oily skin-type. There are also those that have a combination of both.

Another contributing factor is extreme weather condition ; too much sunlight/heat or too much cold can make even people with oily dermis to develop dry facial skin.

Excessive scrubbing and cleansing are the next culprits ; cleansing and scrubbing all the time strip your skin of natural sebum and moisture, thereby leading to dryness, itching, inflammation and redness. It even gets worse when you use products that contain harsh chemicals like alcohol, fragrances and parabens; unfortunately most of the cleansers, astringents, toners and even creams contain these three chemicals.
Another thing that contributes to dry facial skin is mineral oil ; this is petrochemical derivative that is used as a moisturizer. However, it does not moisturize; rather it blocks the pores and makes the skin greasy, thereby causing breakouts. If used for a long period, it dries out the skin causing inflammation and redness.

So, how can you treat or alleviate dry facial skin?

Drink Lot of Water
The first thing to do is, learn to drink a lot of water; drink at least 8 glasses a day even during the cold weather. Water keeps the skin hydrated; it also helps to remove toxins and other impurities, thereby making your skin look healthy and glowing.

Eat More Fruits and Vegetable
The next thing you can do to relieve dry face skin is to eat healthy diets of mostly fruits, vegetable and whole nuts. Others include quitting smoking and too much alcohol intake because they have drying effects on the skin.

Use The Right Moisturizer
Then use quality moisturizing creams that contain effective natural ingredients. Some of the ingredients that help to treat, soothe and alleviate dry facial skin include Grapeseed oil, Maracuja, Jojoba oil and Babassu; these emollients are easily absorbed, so they do not clog the pores or make the skin greasy. They help to make the skin smooth, supple and radiant.
Another ingredient your cream should contain is Cynergy TK; it hydrates the skin, boosts collagen production and enhances cells renewal.

Hence, it removes visible signs of aging (sagging, wrinkles and age spots) and nourishes the skin to make it look younger, flawless and glowing.

No matter the cause of your dry facial skin, you can alleviate it by doing the right things; so, it is time to take action towards making your face look beautiful.
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