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Benefits of Coffee Include Reducing Breast Cancer Risk

Benefits of Coffee Include Reducing Breast Cancer Risk - More good news on the benefits of coffee. Women who drink over 5 cups of coffee each day might be reducing breast cancer risk for one of the more dangerous forms of breast cancer according to new research.

Benefits of Coffee

Earlier studies have brought conflicting results about the link between coffee and the risk of breast cancer, but the latest work finds drinking this much coffee brings down cancer risk by 20% when age adjustments are taken into account.

When accounting for other factors (education, alcohol intake, hormone therapy) there was a 57% lower risk of breast cancers of the estrogen receptor (ER) negative type.

Breast cancers are broken into subtypes. ER negative cancers are less likely to be impacted by hormone therapy than the ER positive form.

The study was a population-based project that included 2,818 breast cancer patients (along with 3,111 controls, free of breast cancer) and looked at coffee consumption and risk of this type of cancer.

The subjects were classified by the type of cancer, estrogen receptor positive or negative. The Swedish participants were from 50 to 74 years old and were living in the country from October 1993 to March 1995.

The team collected information on the coffee drinking habits of the subjects, while also asking about education, family medical history, periods, whether they had children and habits like smoking, alcohol consumption and being active on a regular basis.

They also grouped the coffee drinkers into four groups - one or less cups, more than one and up to as many as three cups daily, between three and five cups, or five cups or more per day. The group drinking one or less cups a day was used as the control group.

Experts do know that coffee does have many compounds, like antioxidants, that might impact breast cancer types in different ways. Coffee has been proven to increase levels of phytoestrogen enterolactone, a substance that's been linked in other research to a drop in ER negative breast cancers.

Experts note related to the study make the point that the finding of the research could be solely down to chance.

With the conclusion that coffee does not appear to raise the risk of cancer of the breast in women. The study was considered small, and used self reported food recall surveys.

Interesting that previous 2008 research by the same study authors found coffee consumption was associated with a higher chance of ER negative cancers.

That's just the opposite of what this most recent work finds. Clearly more research needs to be done in this field.

In the meantime, while the benefits of coffee are confirmed, do what you know will help in reducing breast cancer risk. While you can't do anything about being a female, or getting older, you can pay attention to what you put into your body, eating a healthy diet, not smoking, limiting your alcohol intake, and being active on a regular basis.

These things are known to help your body stay strong and healthy, today and in the future.