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Benefits of Anti-Aging Water

Benefits of Anti-Aging Water - Water has been called a living herb and when we think about the benefits of anti-aging water it immediately comes to mind. In ancient Japanese legend, hero Takenouchi no Sukune drank every day from the waters of sacred wells, and lived for more than 300 years.

anti aging water

Although we may not expect to live nearly four centuries, many of us believe that consuming good quality water regularly will have a significant impact on health.

To get the benefits of anti-aging water, how much water is needed? The standard answer seems to be eight glasses full of water a day - that's 64 ounces of water. However, the key to proper water intake lies in common sense and not excessive.
If the weather is hot and dry, if you are very active and sweat a lot, or if you continue to thirst for other reasons, you might need more water than most people. On the other hand, if you are well hydrated, and the weather is cool and wet, you might need less. Too little water causes dehydration; too much can be life threatening too.

So don't overdo it. It's not difficult to keep yourself well hydrated and add the benefits of anti-aging water to your anti-aging routine. Learn to interpret messages given by your body.

A little headache is often the first sign of dehydration; You might also notice that your urine is thick and dark (some drugs and vitamin supplements can also give urine a dark color), and you rarely urinate.

This is a sign that you have to drink more water. Symptoms of overhydration include changes in behavior. You may be confused and sleepy, and suffer from blurred vision and muscle cramps (excess fluid is very unusual in healthy people, but it can happen if you consume more water than your body can release).

Will the water source provide long life and good health? It's no secret that a lot of fresh water on earth is contaminated with chemicals, disease-causing organisms, and other pollutants. Tap water is usually treated with chemicals to remove a lot of dirt, but this results in more chemicals added to fresh water coming out of our taps.

None of these things contribute positively to the benefits of anti-aging water or improved health. Again, common sense tells us that the water we drink must be as pure and clean as possible - a belief that has grown the proliferation of bottled water in the beverage market.

However, bottled water is not always better than tap water. It still contains chemicals and is not necessarily sterile. This is just water in the bottle, and incidentally, more chemicals gradually come out of the plastic made from the bottle, adding more dirt to the drink.
People who believe that bottled water is cleaner and purer than tap water don't get what they think, and they don't get the special benefits of anti-aging water. Likewise, drinking distilled water tends to be more dangerous than good because this water is demineralized and will drain the mineral body needed to function properly.

The best source of truly clean water is a water filtration system - which will remove impurities, chemicals and microbial contaminants but does not affect normal mineral levels and pH levels of water.

This is the closest practical equivalent of a purely legendary mountain spring, which emerges from underground sources that have never seen chemicals or pathogens. This is water that will give you maximum benefit from anti-aging water and good health - long-life herb Takenouchi no Sukune.