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Bananas – 13 Health Benefits You Didn't Know

Bananas – 13 Health Benefits You Didn't KnowAn expert shares his knowledge about the benefits of bananas, this is not a common benefit of bananas. We all know that bananas contain vitamin potassium which makes our body healthy and strong, and what else? !!

Bananas benefits

Based on research studies it is proven that regular consumption of bananas can provide sufficient energy. That's why many athletes take bananas as part of their daily habits. It can also prevent disease. 

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The following is a list of diseases and health conditions that are reduced or even prevented by eating bananas regularly:

1. Depression - Based on the latest survey. Bananas have trytophan. A type of protein that increases the production of serotonin in our body which relaxes and relaxes our body. This improves a good mood which is a simple way to be healthy and happy.

2. Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) - Vitamin B6 which can also be found in bananas. help by controlling your mood and your behavior. It maintains normal blood glucose levels that affect our mood.

3. Anemia - Bananas are a good source of iron, which is good for the production of hemoglobin in our blood. Allows blood to be carried and releases oxygen which helps in cases of anemia.

4. Blood Pressure - Unique tropical fruit bananas, high in potassium but low in salt. Very good for fighting the risk of blood pressure. Bananas reduce the danger of blood pressure and stroke.

5. Constipation - Bananas are rich in fiber, which helps us to have normal intestinal activity. Thus, cleaning and removing toxins from our bodies. The perfect solution for weight conscious people.

6. Drunk - The easiest way to get rid of hangovers is to drink a banana milkshake. A simple shake that you can do. just add honey and milk. Bananas combined with honey soothe the stomach. it happens because of forced blood sugar levels. while breast milk can actually rehydrate our body's system.

7. Burning the heart - Bananas can release the natural effects of antacids in our body. It calms heartburn.

8. Insect bites - Before you take an insect bite cream, try applying a banana peel to the affected area. Based on research, banana peels can actually prevent swelling and irritation.

9. Overweight - People who have difficulty moving, especially in the type of work, such as sitting for 8 hours. This can cause overweight combined with uncontrolled food cravings.

People have to control their blood sugar by eating carbohydrate foods every two hours also maintaining the right level. And this can happen by taking bananas every day.

10. Temperature control - Many different cultures claim that bananas are a "cooling fruit" that reduces the physical and emotional temperature of those who are pregnant.

11. Ulcer - Bananas are used as food to prevent intestinal disorders because of their smooth texture. This is the only yellow fruit that will not let anyone suffer from a chronic case. This neutralizes excess acidity and reduces irritation because it is right inside our stomach.
12. Morning nausea - Eating bananas between meals can maintain the right sugar levels that prevent morning sickness, especially for pregnant women.

13. Maintaining good nervous conditions - Bananas are a high source of vitamin B that soothes our nervous system.

Eating bananas is not just for delicious treats. It has different benefits that make bananas a winner!
Now, regular banana intake every meal can increase our brain power. Based on research studies of high potassium bananas trigger energy to be alert. Helping us be more productive not only physically but also mentally.

So, do monkeys know the best? I don't think so. Eat bananas and be healthy!