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5 Secrets of the Running Benefits You Need to Know

1 - Fitness  Health

5 Secrets of the Running Benefits You Need to Know - Most people die of a heart attack or similar heart and circulatory diseases. The causes are often too rich food, canned food, and lack of exercise.

On the other hand, regular exercise such as running strengthens the heart and muscles and lowers blood fat levels, which reduces the risk of clogged veins and heart attack.

Benefits of Running

The great news is, no matter what shape you in, you can start to run immediately and reap the benefits of running.

Running is also one of the most efficient methods to supercharge your fitness and strengthen the immune system. Increased oxygen supply from regular exercise slows the aging process.

There are quite a few seventy-year old runners out there that are significantly more powerful and fitter than thirty years old couch potatoes. Another benefit of running is that it strengthens the bones and thus lessens the risk of osteoporosis.

2 - Running helps you reduce stress

Stress hormones cause an increased burden to the heart, raise blood pressure, and force the heart beat stronger. Running is a real stress killer. During a jog stress hormones are reduced helping you to clear you head and relief your stress.

A short run before breakfast can control anger and stress for the rest of the day. Don't' like running in the morning? Resist the couch when you get home and strap on a pair of sneakers. Running promotes a restful and healthy sleep.

3 - Stay slim and rank

For those who want to get lean and fit and shave off some pounds, especially in the summer, should strap on their running shoes. There is hardly any sport where you can burn as many calories in a relatively short time as in running.

On an easy run a 170-pound runner burns about 650 calories an hour, and on a fast pace up to 1,400 calories. In contrast a 170 pound cyclist loses about 500-800 calories per hour.

Running at a slow pace for at least 40 minutes is the most effective way to burn fat. In addition, even after a training session your muscles will continue to burn fat. One can rightly say sleep is my diet!

4 - Running is Wise

As runners you usually train in the fresh air. Running at a leisurely pace gives your body and brain an "oxygen shower". Increased oxygen supply and better blood circulation helps with concentration, memory and stimulates the mind.Many runners get the best ideas during a nice leisurely run.

Keep on running it makes you smarter.

5 - Running is uncomplicated and inexpensive

Running is an easy, inexpensive sport. All needed is a good pair of running shoes and out the door you go. You can find good shoes for half the price if you buy previous season running shoes.

You can start anytime, anywhere and without much prior training. You can start immediately - get up and run! There is no expensive equipment or lessons you have to take.

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