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3 Ways Pineapples Help Soothe Irritating Gout Pain

3 WaysPineapples Help Soothe Irritating Gout Pain - Are you looking for new ways of getting rid of painful gout attacks? Pineapples usually don't come to mind as a prospective treatment, but they are very helpful. 

pineapple benefits

They have multiple elements that can help soothe painful attacks and help prevent an episode in the first place. Here are three things that make pineapples successful in treating this debilitating disease.


Bromelain is very potent in dealing with this condition, and is one of the best benefits of using pineapples in preventing its occurrence. It is an enzyme that helps reduce swelling. Most pain is the result of swelling in the joints, so this benefit of pineapples can be very appealing to someone currently suffering from the symptoms of gout.

While this enzyme is in pineapple, there is not enough of it to completely resolve your symptoms. It must be used in conjunction with other methods.

You can purchase bromelain as a supplement. As a supplement, this enzyme has not only been used for gout, but has also been used effectively for digestive problems and other forms of arthritis.

It has also been known to aid in reducing blood clots. However, you should ask your physician before taking this supplement or any supplement prior to using it as a therapy.

Too much can pose risks. Moderate doses are not known to have any undesirable side effects, but higher doses can increase your heart rate along with nausea and vomiting.

Diarrhea is also possible at higher levels. Since it acts as a blood thinner, you should not take it if your physician has you on Aspirin or Warfarin (Coumadin). In moderation, however, bromelain is considered safe and is very good at providing gout relief.

Vitamin C

Pineapples have a high level of vitamin C. In fact, a regular serving has 36mg which is 60% of the RDA. A study performed by Arthritis and Rheumatism (2005;52:1843-7) revealed that 500mg of vitamin C taken over an eight week duration lowered serum uric acid levels by an average of 10%. While 36mg is not as potent as 500mg, pineapples are a great way to get your vitamin C.

This crucial vitamin works by allowing the renal system to excrete larger levels of uric acid. It also keeps purines from metabolizing into uric acid.

Uric acid is a natural function of the body, but some individuals have a hard time eliminating the excess levels and that is when gout problems begin. Vitamin C can help you with this problem.


Potassium is essential for gout prevention and therapy. Potassium turns uric acid into a source your kidneys can get rid of more easily.

The recommended daily potassium intake according to the Ministry of Health is 3500mg. While pineapples do not have a large quantity of potassium, only 115mg, when mixed with the other therapeutic qualities they have, pineapples are an excellent part of a good treatments program.

Bromelain, Vitamin C, and Potassium are a powerful trio that you can use when eating pineapples that will help you not only soothe irritating gout pain, but also help prevent it's return in the future.

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