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3 Benefits Of Jogging Over Christmas

3 Benefits Of Jogging Over Christmas - Christmas is a difficult time to exercise. It's cold and dark outside whilst social commitments seem to be filling all the time you would normally reserve for working out. However, whilst it is difficult to exercise over Christmas, it is not impossible if you choose the right exercise. In this article I highlight why I think jogging is that exercise and discuss 3 benefits of jogging over Christmas.

3 Benefits Of Jogging


Over Christmas your risk of contracting the common and the flu increases significantly. A strong immune system keeps you safe from these viral infections and allows your body to fight them a lot more effectively than someone with a weak immune system.
Studies have shown that regular exercise such as jogging strengthens your immune system by improving the distribution of immune system cells in the body and stimulating the production of lymphocytes and macrophages (2 cells that protect your body from disease and infection as part of the immune system).

Vitamin D is responsible for keeping your bones and teeth strong. Your body produces this vitamin when you are exposed to sunlight. Most experts believe that 15 minutes of exposure to sunlight each day is enough for your body to produce the required amount of vitamin D.

In summer this is generally not a problem as the daylight hours are longer and you normally spend more time outdoors. However, in winter you spend a lot more time indoors because the weather is cold, dark and icy.

1 of the main benefits of jogging over Christmas is that it forces you to get outside and as a result allows your body to produce the vitamin D it needs. Even a short jog should allow you to get outside for 15 minutes and produce the required amount of vitamin D.

During the holiday season your time is at a premium and you may not have the hours available to commit to your regular workout. 1 of the key benefits of jogging over Christmas is that it is flexible enough to fit into your day.

If you only have 30 minutes free that day you can still go for a jog in that time. If a last minute Christmas event pops up and causes you to miss your Thursday exercise class, you can still improvise with jogging and go in the morning or the afternoon.

As you can see there plenty of benefits of jogging over Christmas. It stops you being cooped up in the house all day, it's flexible enough so that you can go at any time of the day and it's a great way to maintain your Christmas fitness.

So if you are struggling to stick to your regular workout routine and you have a block of free time, go grab your trainers, hit the road and start taking advantage of all these benefits of jogging.